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Calvin Klein is a well-known brand for numerous reasons, such as, quality, comfort and style (just to name a few).  Their sporty undergarments have caught the attention of many consumers after “it” celebrities have been seen sporting their classic pieces in various “My Calvin” ads.

I decided I had to see for myself if this brand would live up to all the hype in my own personal wardrobe.  I can now say, they are a must!

When I purchased this bra, I only planned on wearing it casually for workouts, etc. but due to it’s comfort, it has topped many other styles as my daily staple.  It is underwire-free and just lightly padded for a seamless look under almost all clothing.  And the great part is it’s not over-priced!

As a side tip…my sister, who is much bustier than I am found this specific style did not work for her.  She found the v-cut and padding did not support her cup size.  However, she did find a similar style that was not lined but was a much better fit.

All items are linked below!

xoxo ST


Shop The Look! ↓

Bra : Calvin Klein Modern Cotton Bra

Bra (my sister’s choice) : Calvin Klein Modern Racerback

Underwear : Calvin Klein Modern Cotton Bikini



  1. Lorelei
    October 27, 2017 / 13:00

    You are doing a fabulous job of your blog.
    You look gorgeous and always so tasteful and glamouress!

    • simplytira
      October 31, 2017 / 13:00

      Hi Lorelei, Thanks so much for checkin it out! Appreciate the feedback:)

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