A Balancing Act

Balancing Your Style Aesthetic

Balancing Your Style Aesthetic

We all have a relatively good idea of what it is we like and what we feel the most comfortable in, whether it’s related to our daily clothing choices or even our interior house decor.  I believe that each of these things mimics the other.  One is what we surround ourself with and the other is how we choose to present ourselves to the world around us.

I am a very firm believer in finding a specific look or niche that compliments who we are as a person and then reflecting off of that.  When it comes to fashion and shopping for yourself, it can be very intimidating and overwhelming if you don’t have a clear basis to follow, as there is so much out there to choose from.

Here is an example . . .

I feel the most comfortable in neutral tones but I also really love the look of bright colours and some types of print – often pieces falling in a more Bohemian genre are what catch my attention.   So finding a middle ground has been a fun challenge.  It’s taken time but I have been able to place some of my favourite looks.  They tend to be very neutral basics, given life with pops of colour or texture.

By knowing this, I am able to apply this aesthetic to my clothing choices which immediately narrows down my search, as everything that fits in this category is able to work together – a huge time-saver when it comes to shopping and morning routines.

However, my love for colour has not always been an easy area for me to step into and have the confidence to wear.

I have always found anything on the brighter side to be more outside of my comfort zone.

Balancing Your Style Aesthetic

This really got me thinking about how hard it can be to move outside of this specific category that we have set or how we have classified ourselves, even though it is only ourselves who often set these limitations.

How many times have you bought something you absolutely loved but then never pulled it out of your closet?

SO . . . how do you balance trying new styles outside of your comfort zone without losing your overall aesthetic?

  • START SMALL:  Add in small changes within your usual wardrobe.  For some time now, I have slowly been integrating pieces that are slightly outside of my comfort zone but then pairing them with my usual items so it won’t feel too outrageously different.  Also sticking to your usual colour palette but changing up the cut or silhouette is another great option.
  • USE ACCESSORIES:  Accessories are one of the easiest ways of changing up an outfit.  As I mentioned above, I feel the best in monochrome looks but I still love a pop of colour or print.  Using a handbag, shoe, hat or jewelry has been my favourite way to achieve this…like a navy, Moroccan print scarf I recently picked up.  This has been my go-to this summer with light wash-denim, a white t-shirt and a black mule shoe.
  • EMBRACE THE SEASONS:  The seasons have such an amazing effect on fashion and can be so inspiring.  They give a great starting point for change.  I have been designating the seasons for certain style trends that I love but that are very different.  Small bits of colour with Bohemian flare can be used throughout summer where tailored blazers and coats can be worn during the colder months.  Each season can represent a new niche, a new genre and a new you.

Balancing Your Style Aesthetic

I have applied the following three steps in many outfits . . .

…including this all black ensemble pictured.  I love the cut of this dress!! The plunging neckline and open back is an immediate eye catcher but to add a bit more boho flare, I paired this dress with a felt fedora from Brixton.  Unfortunately, this is the spot where I felt out of my zone.

I love hats, I think they look great and yet, I have had many reservations about wearing them.

It has taken me quite a while but over the last few years or so, I have been gaining the courage to start experimenting more and more with different styles.  It is a great moment when you are able to confidently move past the feelings of doubt and try something new…and just a little at a time is okay.

I obviously chose to stick with all black for this look as it is one of the colours I feel the most comfortable in.  I kept it simple in a neutral colour but stepped outside of my comfort zone with an interesting accessory – an example of how you can easily change up the vibe of an outfit without changing your overall aesthetic.

Balancing Your Style Aesthetic

Balancing Your Style Aesthetic

Balancing Your Style Aesthetic - Simply Tira

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